Visibility study for a river park

Team: Víctor Ténez(arch.), Lucia Vecchi(arch.), Sílvia Cruells(arch.student)
Study project done working for the Barcelona Metropolitan Area(BMA).
Year: 2012.
El Papiol, Castellbisbal Municipalities(BMA)

The project was commissioned as an environmental compensation for the impact of the construction of a link road that passes over the Llobregat river, at its confluence with the the secondary Rubí river. A huge mountain of construction materials is formed at the confluence of the two rivers, facing the river edge . The study is based on the proposal of designing a river park for this area, reusing as much as possible the construction debris, to keep it low cost. For this reason we made ​​a visibility study of the mountain of debris from the highways flowing to both sides of the Llobregat river. The plantations are concentrated in the areas of rainwater harvesting, to minimize the costs of irrigation and maintenance.

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