Manual Fem Plaça

Graphic works and contents / as part of the Femplaça collective – Lucia Vecchi/Chiara Buffa/Elena Guim/Virginia Zimanas, 2015

Fem Plaça is an open proposal to bring back public squares as communal areas of connection, discussion, learning, among other uses. A citizens’ initiative to return the use of public spaces to the neighbourhood. To return a human scale to the city. The playful and creative Fem Plaça meetings promote dialogue, information sharing, the recovery of memories and collaborative activities, all with the aim of transforming and advancing social cohesion, respect, and self-management of common areas.

This manual explains how to make a Femplaça in your neighborhood.

Funded by Translocations micro projects – Idensitat

Translocations | Project Observatory is an exhibition comprising a group of heterogeneous artistic works which, taken as a whole, deal with contemporary mobility fluxes and their interactions with social and public spaces in specific sites within various cities.


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