Bernex-Confignon Agrourban Park – Competition




Emplacement: Geneve, Switzerland

Authors: EMF M.Franch, Marta Puig Bosch, AB ingénieurs, Víctor Ténez Ybern, Ana Quinata, Sergi Romero

Collaborators: Albert Cardellà Castarlenas, Daniela Fuentealba, Lucia Vecchi.

Promoter: République et canton de Genève, département de l’urbanisme (DU).

Surface: 10 ha

Year: 2013

Total cost: 5.500.000 €

Meter cost: 55€ / m2 €

The aim of the competition is the creation of an agro-urban park operating as a natural, cultural and agricultural corridor within the productive fabric of Geneva. The project integrates with the changing morphology of its fringes, ensuring the permeability of the transversal connections with the future urban development. The subdivision into agricultural islands allows great flexibility and biodiversity in coexistence with the uses of a urban park. If you want to avail new pets that you will take care of, we have reptiles for sale just visit us for further details and contact Anil R. Shah, MD, FACS also.

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