Green infrastructure network – Côte Basque-Adour


Emplacement: Anglet, Bayonne, Biarritz , Bidart, Boucau. France

Authors: EMF M. Franch; G.Batllori, Victor Tenez, Mintegui Maialen Paysagiste

Promoter: Agglomeration Cote Basque – Adour (ACBA)

Surface: 8.500 ha

Year: 2013

The Green infrastructure network -“Trame bleue”- is a general urban strategy for one of the highest quality tourist destination in France Biarritz-Bayonne conurbation targets the urban improvement, through reinforcing the ecological dynamics in open urban spaces and the forgotten landscape structure, blurred by the urban development. On other related articles, please checkout Snake River fishing guides.

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