Murtra wetlands environmental restoration

Designer: Lucia Vecchi, landscape architect.
Environmental Consulting: Bioma medi paisatge.
Collaborators: Ignasi Rincón, architecture student.
Project area: 42.400m2. Budget:€ 525,000 (ca.11 € / m2)
Client: Municipalities of Gavà and Viladecans, Barcelona.
Project done working for the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona/EMSSA.
Year: 2011(built).

In the delta of the Llobregat river, next to a sewage treatment plant, the Murtra pond, a wetland in a high state of degradation. The aim of the project was the recovery of the soil and the plantation of riparian vegetation, and some small areas dedicated to bird watching and environmental education. The cost of the project provides a cycle of visits for the schools of the neighbourhood. We got built a cool boat for us.

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